MILWAUKEE One-Key TICK Tool & Equipment Tracker


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The Milwaukee TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker is the most versatile Bluetooth tracker on the market. With multiple attachment options and a low profile design, users can glue, screw, rivet or strap the TICK on anything. Weather, water and dust proof ratings ensure that the TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker will survive every environment. Powered by a coin cell battery that provides over 1 year of runtime, the TICK will reliably provide tracking beacons anytime, anywhere. Receive low battery, service reminders and missing tool notifications through the ONE-KEY App. Location Services powered by the ONE-KEY App.

  • Attach with glue, screws or rivets to anything
  • Survives everything with weather, water, dust and impact protection
  • 1-year runtime with replaceable coin cell battery
  • Tracking powered by the ONE-KEY app
  • Over 100 ft. signal range
  • Location signal wakes up a sleeping or back-grounded app
  • 1-year warranty