Q.  Are These Tools Brand New?

A. YES they're brand new.  Every DEWALT, MILWAUKEE & MAKITA tool comes backed by their own individual warranty. (SEE WARRANTY PAGE)  90% of all tools purchased from us will arrive to you in their original box unless we deem it necessary to remove product from original packaging to make it easier on us to ship it. FREE shipping isn't free to neither of us, so we make every attempt to lower our costs to pass those savings onto you!! Your warranty has no bearing on if you still have the original box or not

Q.  How Long Will It Take To Get My Order?

A.  If your order is placed by 1pm EST, it will be packed and shipped out the following day via USPS or UPS.  Tracking numbers will be provided to you once package is on its way.  Items that are NOT eligible for FREE SHIPPING are located under our "MORE" tab here on the site and will be noted in the description.  If so happens a product is there that requires shipping, it will automatically calculate the cost at checkout.  Anything that needs to be picked up, can be arranged by calling (610) 589-0999 and we can make it happen captain.

Q.  What If An Item That I Purchased Is Not Available And Is On Backorder?

A.  If an item is not in stock and we accidentally show that there is stock, we apologize.  You can either wait until stock fills or we could offer you a partial refund for that amount.  We may even be inclined to send you FREE stuff so lets hope you fall into that circumstance huh? :)

Q.  Do You Accept Bitcoin?

A. NO---------that was easy enough to type

Q.  My Order Came All Smashed To Hell, Please Help?  Can I Send It Back To You?

A.  First, I hope this never happens, if so the postal service or UPS is going to get a beat down.  We'll return it, yes.  Please call (610) 589-0999 and we'll talk it out over a beer.  No worries, you'll get your bright and shiny tools ASAP.

Q.  I Work For A Huge Company & Dudes Here Will Buy A Ton Of Stuff, Do You Offer Discounts And Hook Up The Guy Who Got You The Business?

A.  YES.................Big time hook up, like stuff falling off the back of the truck type hookup

Q.  What Are Your Hours If I Need To Call?

A.  Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST   This means if you call at 7:01pm, 7:58am or 4pm on Saturday, you will get the machine.  Feel free to leave me sweet nothings though at (610) 589-0999   Lower the whisper the better

Q.  What Is The "Show Me Your Tools" Mean?

A.  Well first off.......Its not what you think it is.  DO NOT email me your "tool" or it will be posted online in some fashion.  Show Me Your Tools is something we will be doing where each month someone will win a randomly selected item. How does one win? We would like people to take a picture with their new purchase or with their current tools, either stationary or while you are working.  The better/crazier the photo the more of a chance you have to win something at the end of the month.  We'll then post the picture on the main page for however long we decide until we get sick of it. :) ha!  We'll start this in December, so get buying our stuff and take some killer photos!!  Email photos to USA_toolsandmore@hotmail.com with the subject line "Here is my tools baby" 


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